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Jade Art Auction is the leading auction house in Canada. Our specialty is oriental art and antiques. 

The staff at Jade Art Auction are experts of world renown that are highly valued for their knowledge of Chinese paintings, antique furniture, and objets d’art. Their expertise also extends to both Japanese and Himalayan art as well.

We possess connections across the globe, enabling us to unite investors with collectors, dealers, and aficionados of exceptional quality Asian art.

Our services include appraisal, exhibition, auctions, and the related logistics of importing and exporting precious artworks.

Whether your interests include investing or selling, the professionals at Jade Art Auction will bring the best value to you. 

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Please call us at 604-356-2907 or 604-340-8829

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Jade d’Art Auction

Jade d’Art Auction’s experts are among the tops in the world with expertise and knowledge of Chinese paintings, Chinese antique furniture, Chinese antique objects art, Japanese art, and Himalayan art as well. Our global establishments and resources could perfectly connect investors, collectors, dealers, and people specifically interest in Asian art.

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