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“From the mid-Qing dynasty or earlier, this pendant is carved from high-grade mutton-fat jade, realistically depicting a mushroom. The texture of the mushroom’s stem and the uneven surface of its cap are lifelike. At the top of the mushroom is a Ganoderma lucidum (lingzhi) shaped like a ruyi scepter, and crawling on the lower front of the mushroom is a beetle. The accuracy of the jade carving, along with the fluidity of its lines, could only be achieved by a master painter. Considering the hardness of the Hetian jade and the use of traditional hand tools for such an intricate design, the craftsmanship is nothing short of miraculous, likely beyond the reach of anyone outside the imperial court or specialized artisans’ lanes. Throughout China’s 5,000-year history, which is also a history of jade culture, the 18th century under Emperor Qianlong marked a peak in craftsmanship, aesthetics, and the pursuit of jade quality, unparalleled in history. This seed-material white jade pendant, symbolizing successful imperial examinations (beetle), smooth career (lingzhi ruyi), and vibrant life (mushroom), is an excellent representative of the court nobility’s jade culture of that era. It measures approximately 5.6 cm in length and weighs about 20.6 grams.”


清中期或更早,羊脂级籽料坠,随型雕作非常写实的蘑菇,蘑菇的茎梗肌理,以及凹凸不平的蘑菇正面,皆栩栩如生。蘑菇顶端是灵芝如意,蘑菇正面下端爬一只甲虫,整个玉雕造型之准确,线条之流畅,唯有丹青高手才可以做到,在硬度如此之大的和田玉上随型就势,用传统手工工具付诸实施,更是鬼斧神工,非宫中或专诸巷圣手力所能及。中华文明五千年历史,也是玉文化的五千年史,到乾隆的十八世纪,无论对工艺,审美,以及对玉材料之追求,可以说是登峰造极,前无古人 后无来者,这件寓意为科举登甲(甲虫),仕途顺利(灵芝如意),生命勃发(蘑菇)的籽料白玉坠,可以说是那个时代宫廷贵族玩玉风尚的绝佳代表。长约5.6,重约20.6克


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