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“A brass guru figure, possibly from the late Qing dynasty or early 20th century, though its exact age remains to be verified by experts. The statue stands 12 centimeters tall and weighs approximately 340 grams, comfortable to handle. The guru is depicted seated in a meditative pose on a single-layered lotus, holding a brass ritual object. The headgear is adorned with floral and leaf patterns, topped with a feather-like crest. The figure features high cheekbones and deep-set eyes, characteristic of the Northwestern Himalayan ethnicity, and has a joyful expression. The robe’s texture is thick and tangible, and there are traces of over a century of ritual use and offering, suggesting it was revered in a high place. The sense of sacredness is palpable.”


黄铜上师,年代清晚或20世纪早期? 或是更早?待高人证之。高12厘米,重340克左右,手头适中。上师手拿铜法器趺坐单瓣仰莲之上,僧帽饰花叶纹,羽毛型帽顶,高鼻深目,有喜马拉雅西北部人种特征,面露喜悦之相,袈裟衣纹厚重有质感,有百年之上香火供养痕迹,高处供奉,证量扑面而来。


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